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Our Vision

Be a catalyst in our community to change lives by building meaningful relationships between individuals and families across all races, nationalities, and socio-economic classes in Peachtree Corners, Berkeley Lake, Norcross, and Duluth.

Why Corners Outreach?   Because Of The Message of Jesus.

Education is life changing.

Malcom Gladwell’s book Outliers … For American students from wealthy homes, summer vacation isn’t a problem; but, citing the research of a Johns Hopkins sociologist, Gladwell shows that it’s a profound handicap for students from poor homes, who actually outlearn their rich counterparts during the school year but then fall behind them when school lets out. “For its poorest students, America doesn’t have a school problem,” Gladwell concludes. “It has a summer-vacation problem.” So how to close the gap between rich and poor students? Get rid of summer vacation in inner-city schools…. or have summer reading and writing programs.

Opportunity for community members with desirable skills to share with those wanting to learn.

We believe most people enjoy helping others, but are not often presented with meaningful opportunities.  We believe the relationship model we are proposing will increase volunteerism, and we will actively seek those with training desired by others.

Our 2016 Vision

Presence in five Metro Atlanta schools, giving us the opportunity to impact 4,000 people. We are committed to catalyzing life change by building meaningful relationships across all races, nationalities, and socio-economic classes in Peachtree Corners, Berkeley Lake, Norcross, and Duluth.

Director Update

LarryCampbell     Summer Camp

      CAMP HAS ARRIVED. We’ve had a wonderful time with 250 students!!!

       We have over 250 students participating in camp in two locations. Each day students        check in, sing songs, have a devotion, break into three groups for station rotation (craft,  games and reading) and earn a free lunch.










This week Susan, the principal at BLES, surprised the students by giving away 400 books, paper notepads and boxes of color pencils. The students were ecstatic. We are so thankful for our school partnerships.  Reading every day is critical to the student’s progression. We are thankful for youth, service groups and others who are volunteering at camp. We also have three awesome college interns.


This summer’s theme: Selfless (John 3:30); learning to put God and others before ourselves. Each week, we will focus on an idea, person, or group of people in scripture and highlight selflessness. Let us know if you would help sponsor lunch or a college summer intern or help with supplies and tents.

Funding Updates:

Thank you for giving to this mission. I am scheduling individual donor follow up meetings. We will host meetings at Camp weekly aimed at inviting donors and potential donors. Let me know when you would like to attend. Camp runs from 10:00-12:30 week days. See Larry or any Board member for details.

Opportunities to fund:

  • 100 X 100 club-give $100/month to support the operation cost
  • Sponsor the college summer intern-$2,700 X 3 interns- $8,100
  • Sponsor lunches (over 11,000 lunches)-$3,750/week for 9 weeks = $33,750
  • Supplies/tents/cups/plates/napkins-$500/week for 9 weeks =$4,500




Larry L. Campbell
Servant Director